Why buy or hire from one of the Piano Specialists?

All the companies that are part of the group are true piano companies. Not dealers who think of an upright or grand piano as a mere commodity, but experts with a passion for acoustic pianos and grand pianos. Passion alone, though, doesnt get you there. That is why we have also all been trained as piano technicians before we started working in the business. Some at Steinway and Sons, some with Schimmel, and some with their father or grandfather. Many of us have also attended the piano technicians academy in Amsterdam. In short, passion, solid training and a large dosis of experience are the reasons why you should definitely include us in your search for an instrument.

But wont passion and more attention for the instrument raise the buying price?

No, actually they will not, because the Piano Specialists will give you value for money. You can probably guess that you wont find the sort of prices you see on Marktplaats with us. Every second-hand or used instrument is thoroughly checked and tested on reliability by one of our experts in their workshop, and is then given a 5-year guarantee. If an instrument has required extensive and exceptional repair work, this will have been carried out by the Piano Specialists themselves, or by other experts elsewhere. Think, for instance, of the finish of the wooden case. The dealer may simply do that himself with a sprayer or paint roller, or it can be done by a professional piano sprayer who is specialized in this type of work. does prefer the latter option.

Latest developments

It goes without saying that, as Piano Specialists, we keep up with the latest developments such as Silent upright and grand pianos, Disklavier upright and grand pianos, TransAcoustic upright and grand pianos, and, last but not least, Digital upright and grand pianos. You will find all of these instruments with many of our Piano Specialists. Here, too, we will do our very best to give you honest and sincere advice, so that together we can choose an instrument that suits you perfectly.


If you buy a second-hand upright or grand piano from us, we will give you a 5-year guarantee on the instrument. We are not afraid at all to do that: because of our extensive sometimes generations-long experience in the field of piano engineering, we are confident that the instruments we deliver are good and reliable. It is very important to us that you enjoy playing the piano and will continue to do so, and the only way to achieve that is by having an instrument that plays well and sounds good!